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Originally Posted by neofury View Post
You realize now a days it's both right? I didn't say qqing first off, I said QQing. Secondly I played every single Blizzard game ever made practically, and believe me it has both meanings now a days.

Who cares what the original meaning is when 90% of the people who use it now a days use it for the meaning I used it for?

Plus even originally, it was meant like "ALT-qq quit and go cry about it" or "ALT-qq go cry and uninstall the game".

It was almost notoriously a response to crybabies.

That's like me wearing a swastica and being all like "hey you do know the original meaning isn't bad right?" herp dee derp. C'mon.
So fans of the original KISS line-up that don't like the new line-up and won't pay to see the show, are crybabies now?

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