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Originally Posted by Chainshot View Post
So here's something in all of this -- is throwing a dumptruck full of cash at Brad Richards this summer REALLY the best way to build a Cup winning team? Stafford is up for a raise this summer and both Tylers will be ending their ELC's next year. Myers is a special player who could, if it goes to it, be in the running for some sort of ridiculous offers as an RFA.

Is it possible that signing Richards costs them one of their youngsters? I've beaten the Richards drum for some time prior to this season.... and now, with the dearth of available centers and the likelihood of market forces driving this deal up into true superstar levels, I have to pull back. If he's getting over $7.5 M per (even $6.5 M makes me quiesy), there is far too much money tied up there.

Is the only highlevel UFA option this summer really, really the best option overall? I have my doubts.
Signing Richards to $7.5m is not an issue for next season, if all the other RFAs get reasonable contracts. Beyond that I expect Little Tyler to sign for <$3.8m (Giroux money) and big Tyler for <$5m (Hard to find comparables, let's see what Doughty gets). Subtracting their ELC that's a rise of max. 6.7$m. In that same year Hecht's $3.5m, Boyes' $4m, Gaustad's $2.3m and Morrisonn's $2m are off the books. Morrisonn's production can easily be replaced with one of their prospects. Hecht can be re-signed for $2m, Gaustad (or a similar player) for $1.5m and I don't expect Boyes to get re-signed unless Stafford or Pominville get traded. In any case potential $4m+ will be off the books and I expect that position (3rd line RW) getting filled by Kassian, Foligno or Adam (max. $.9m). Min. $11.8m out, max. $5.3m in. Difference is $6.5m. Assuming the cap rises slightly it's certainly doable with some tweaks here and there.

I think the year where Roy needs a new contract is where it gets iffy. If they're able to replace Leopold's production from within and potential RFA's don't get much of a pay raise, that shouldn't be an issue either. The year after that two major contracts (Vanek and Pominville) expire, so beyond that the cap shouldn't be much of a issue.

In any case, if they sign Richards the bottom 3 d-spots plus the extra dman will have to be extra cheap (Like $4-5m for all 4 players). Plus the best top-three-d combination they could afford is probably Myers/Sekera/Leopold.

So, in short, they could afford Richards, but can't afford overpaid bottom-6 players, their D is ultra young, inexperienced and basically filled with homegrown talent. So you have to hope that atleast two of Pysyk/McNabb/Schiestel/Brennan/Gragnani/(Crawford/Biega/MacKenzie/Persson) can be bottom-pairing players by 2012 and that Sekera/Weber/Butler can stay/progress to top-4-dmen.

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