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03-28-2011, 02:43 PM
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At such a young age, I'd be hesitant to split the kids up TOO much, so I certainly wouldn't go with any more than the 3 divisions you currently have. I guess my only suggestion would be to adjust the number of teams in each division -- for example, if you currently have 3 divisions with 6 teams in each (18 teams total), perhaps have an "A" division with 5 teams, a "B" division with 6 teams and a "C" division with 7 teams. Same number of teams, just keeps the "better" players together without the need to simply fill out the roster with weaker players.

If you're simply trying to "fill out the roster", my only other suggestion would be to have more teams with fewer players on each team and add more teams to the weakest division.

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