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The Vancouver Maroons select winger Alex Tanguay

"Alex Tanguay is one of the top left wingers in the National Hockey League" -Darryl Sutter

(pictured with ATD-teammate Joe Sakic)

I was thinking of taking Tanguay before, but Demitra was a way better option. Regardless, I'm still going to take him now because he might serve a purpose down the road if I decide to put together an extra scoring line in my bottom-six. He can skate well, and he can play both wings, so it can't hurt to take him this late. He's another playmaking left-winger, so he can be a set-up man for Johansson on the 4th line. He also has bonafide chemistry and success with Sakic, so I can use him there too, if I want to put together a really good scoring third line of Demitra-Johansson-Leswick.


Tanguay is a talented winger, who plays a skilled game as a smooth skating set-up man from the wing.

ASSETS: Is extremely gifted, including speed, versatility, the ability to hold onto the puck for long stretches, great passing skills and tremendous one-on-one moves. –THN
When Tanguay is at his best, he is in constant motion. He is a puck hunter with a knack for getting to it first. Once he has the puck, Tanguay can create.

"He's a player who's going to make those around him better by laying the pass nice and flat so the guys can shoot," left wing Ryan Malone said. -St. Petersburg Times, Nov 19, 2009
Offensive Production:

Tanguay's offensive numbers don't stand out, but they are surprisingly solid once you dig past the surface.

His Vs2 Points% are: 91, 71, 67, 65, 64, 63, 55, 54, 53

He had one huge season as a high-end scorer with 90+%, and then a group of consistent impressive secondary scoring numbers where he was between 63-71% for five separate seasons. In placement finishes, that translates to:

Points: 9th, 25th, 27th, 32nd, 33rd, 34th
Assists: 4th, 9th, 17th, 21st, 35th, 36th

One top-10 season, and five seasons where he was roughly the 30th highest scorer, in a modern 30 team league. His assist numbers are richer, and include two top-10 seasons, one of in which he was truly elite (4th, and 2nd in APG). Not bad.


But he is not just a guy who's only historical significance comes from a line of %scores, he also won a Stanley Cup in 2001 with the Avalanche, as one of their key forwards. He scored 21 points in 23 games during that run, which was the 5th highest playoff point total that year. His 15 assists during that run ranked 2nd in the playoffs. In game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals, he scored 2 goals and 1 assist, including the eventual game-winner.

He has made the playoffs in 9 of his 11 seasons, and has a total of 98 games of playoff experience.


- All-Star Team Voting (LW): 4th (14 votes), 5th (26 votes)
- Received 5 Selke votes in 2004
- Top-10 in Plus/Minus x3 (5th, 6th, 6th)
- Top-10 in Shooting% (1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 9th)

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