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03-28-2011, 05:00 PM
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Originally Posted by JimmyDarmody View Post
My 3 day split has been getting too demanding. Starting a new split tomorrow and upping all my lifts. First time I'm trying something this spread out so we'll see how it goes for a month or so.

Day 1
Chest + Cardio

Day 2

Day 3
Bi + Tri + Optional Cardio

Day 4.
Shoulders + Optional Abs

Day 5.

Day 6
Abs + Cardio
I'm done my first work through. I decided to cut out day 6 and simply start back at day 1 after day 5. I'll pepper some abs work throughout but I'm set there anyways so no point in wasting a day for them.

So far though I'm having a blast with this split. Less time in the gym and better lifts.

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