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03-28-2011, 05:43 PM
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Originally Posted by PredsV82 View Post
I was battling insomnia last night and browsed the boards of some other teams..... anyone who thinks we have been mishandled by David Poile needs to read the boards of a few of the perennial also-rans in this league.

I wont name teams specifically but the despair and hopelessness mixed with bitter resignation that I read on some of the boards last night makes me realize how blessed we are to be in the hunt year after year after year.

When you think about it, we preds fans havent ever really experienced THAT type of frustration.... specifically, knowing your team truly sucks, and that you are YEARS from being better, and then only if the guy running the team makes the right moves in the coming years.

We graduated from expansion status, and as frustrating as it has been to not win a playoff series, we have never taken more than a small step backwards, even after the firesale.

The way people wail and rend garments around here when we lose in the firstround of the playoffs, I fear for some people if we ever do have to truly go through a full on rebuild

I find it interesting that fans who choose to hold David Poile, Barry Trotz and his team to the level of expectations of reaching the second round of the playoffs come under such criticism here. Particularly when the ownership are the ones trying to establish those higher expectations.

When the ownership comes out and says that this team is "going to contend for the Cup" or "the small market mentality is gone", then they better expect higher expectations, and accountability, from the fans. David Poile and Barry Trotz will receive the most of those new found expectations.

I have a lot of trouble seeing how Columbus, or any other currently bad team, should have any impact on the expectations I have out of the management and players on this team.

I may manage the best group of .NET developers in the state (and they are quite good). However, I don't lower my expectations of them just because another agency doesn't have the set I've got. It doesn't work that way.

EDIT: I'm responding to that specific quote above PV82. My feelings on Mike Fisher are mutually exclusive to the above and are easy to find. Regardless of future seasons, the Predators are fortunate to have him for the balance of this season considering the injuries.

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