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Originally Posted by kr580 View Post
How tight are you tying your skates? Try tying them barely snug (not tight at all) all the way up and only go tight on the top 1 or 2 eyelets.

Are you hydrated decently? I find when I play hockey without being hydrated properly my feet are the first thing to scream in pain.

Also, do you have wide feet? It could be that the skates are too narrow for your feet.

There could be a number of things causing the pain. Those are the first three questions that come to mind. I've dealt with this before and the three questions above were my problem, collectively. A deeper knee bend helps my pain as well for whatever reason. Test out the easy solutions first before going out and buying things to attempt to fix the problem.
Haven't posted in a while, since I have not gone skating in all that time sheesh.

I dont tie them to snug but i have tried super loser, tighter, semi-tight. It doesnt seem to work. Ill try sung with the top real tight next time.

Hydration could be one ill also make sure to drink alot before I go.
I have normal size feet, not Wide and I am not flat Footed.

When I got my skates it was sized at a Hockey Store, but it was a teenager so who knows for sure right.

Im using this thread as a check list of things to try... as its making it very hard to learn to skate when I cant put in a consistent 30min + into skating.

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