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Originally Posted by CGNY87 View Post
thats the main reasoin I end up tying my laces two times. I'll tie them in the locker room, but after skating in warm-ups for a few minutes I adjust them (if need be) so they are as tight as possible while still able to corner effectively. Its all about find the correct balance.
Yeah, I do the same thing. I find that when my laces get a little moisture on them from skating around in warmup they're much easier to tie as well since the laces hold the tightness a little better.

Originally Posted by ProCoder View Post
Taped ankles but it didn't seem to help. Laces still got loose. Time to try wax laces again - but man those kill my hands when tying them...
My buddy ripped a ton of skin right off his fingers with waxed laces. For the rest of the season he's been wearing batter's gloves (baseball) to tie his skates and has abandoned waxed laces forever. I've gotten blisters from tying my skates (unwaxed) but never anything as bad as what he had.

Anyways, it's important to know where to have the boot loose and where to have it tight for maximum performance. Personally, I like to get as much flex as I can get in my ankles (ability to bend forward) without introducing too much wobble left and right.

The key to maximizing skating performance is to get your heel locked in the back of the boot. That means that you don't necessarily need to do the front of the boot up too tightly, but once you get to about 1-2 eyelets before the start of your ankle you need to get them as tight as you can.

For me, the 4th and 3rd eyelets from the top are the tightest by far. Everything below those is pretty snug. The 2nd eyelet from the top is snug (not too tight). I usually pull my laces upwards and flex my ankle to make sure that I have enough bend in it before I tie the knot. I leave the top eyelet unlaced. This works for me. Everyone is different, so your mileage may vary. If you are a beginner, you should probably do your skates up right to the top. It will help you balance since you're not used to exerting a whole ton of control over your ankles.

Don't tape your ankles.

If you want to try something new, try re-lacing your skates outside-in. When you are threading the lace through the eyelets, put the lace through the outside of the skate and pull it inwards instead of lacing them like shoes and going from the inside-out. I find that this helped with the tightness, and prevented slacking throughout the game.

If you're really creative, you can try double-lacing the eyelets you want maximum tightness out of. That means you're going to thread the laces through the eyelet (lets say 4th from the top) then thread the laces through them again before moving up to the third. You'll be double-tightening them and the thickness of the double-lacing will help them retain their tightness much better. From my experience this has always been confusing as hell. It always took me 10 minutes to lace my skates like this and 25 to unlace them, although I must admit that they held the tightness very well. I've suggested this to a few guys though and they swear by it now.

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