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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
I would hope so considering you're taking more than double the time. Do 20min of running however, compared to 20min of HIIT, and again, come tell me which is more beneficial, for everything.

I'm surprised an army man such as yourself would go that route. Military soldiers are very high on HIIT type of programming such as Crossfit, and the Seals have developed their own crossfit inspired workouts called Sealfit.
I'm not against HIIT at all. It's just not a weight loss cure by any means. You can't do HIIT for 45 minutes or everyday like you can slow steady state, so it's really not any more efficient, per minute is it? debatable, but i'm not worried about 20minutes per day I save with HIIT. I value my health more than that and feel there is no match for a nice long run.

The military does a lot of crossfit, but trust me, we do alot more running. I like HIIT just to break up the monotony of running everyday, but my only point was that HIIT is no more efficient for fat loss and I stand by that.

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