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03-28-2011, 08:30 PM
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Originally Posted by PawelW007 View Post
I expected this kind of reaction, and let me say I honestly hope my assessment of Anisomov is wrong and its just my strong dislike of soft European players that has clouded my vision. If he scores 25, gains some muscle and stops squandering scoring opportunities next year I have no problem saying " I was wrong about this kid"

I'm not saying lets not resign him at the end of this year or lets demote him to the 4th line I just don't think he's anything special either. Schmuck and dope may have been a bit on the harsher side but the guys a klutz, no doubt about it. If some of you haven't noticed that by the 76th game of this season, then I don't know what to tell you.

PS: Its funny how the second you have an opinion that goes against one of the "fan favorites" everyone starts to berate you. No matter how silly you think posts have been in this thread, one person hasn't quoted any of my posts and said

"Well true maybe his skating does need work or yea he needs to work on his_____, but you're wrong about the defensive side of things and this is why..."
When you make a statement calling him a schmuck, it immediately calls into question your ability to evaluate a player. And then you wonder why no one debates the rest of your points? It's on you, not everyone else. Choose your words more carefully and this doesn't happen.

If I say, "Marc Staal is a crappy defenseman," then list off some things I don't like about him, I wouldn't expect anyone to debate the merits of my observations. I'd expect to get slammed for making an asinine statement to lead off. And rightfully so.

Plenty of people have discussed his strong positional play and excellent defensive work in this thread. They didn't quote you in doing so because your initial post was silly. Doesn't mean the arguments against your position aren't there. They're all over the thread in fact. Opinions, observations and quotes from the coaching staff.


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