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03-28-2011, 11:21 PM
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Originally Posted by David Singleton View Post
When the ownership comes out and says that this team is "going to contend for the Cup" or "the small market mentality is gone", then they better expect higher expectations, and accountability, from the fans. David Poile and Barry Trotz will receive the most of those new found expectations.
True - but that statement was from when, one season ago? Good grief, we arguably gave Chicago - you know, the guys that won the Stanley thing - the best series they had last year. We haven't had year 2 yet, but they let Poile go out and add Fisher - that's a pretty good add. Before we start bellyaching that we have legitimate reasons for increased expectations that aren't being met can we at least get into a 2nd PO series? Cause really, if losing a PO series to the team that wins the cup is failure, who's being realistic?

Same thing with the bellyaching from folks about not getting Weber signed yet - good grief, the man said he wanted to get to the off-season to worry about it - let them at least get the season over and negotiate - see if a small-market team can actually move past that mentality and sign their first-ever homegrown superstar.

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