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03-29-2011, 08:04 AM
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Originally Posted by OpenWheel View Post
Fire Trotz? Fire Poile? If you say no, then you aren't holding them to a higher standard, you're waiting to see if their ideas will pan out, just like everybody else.

"Hold them to a higher standard" makes a good sound bite. But some of those criticizers don't seem to like it when in some people's opinions, the Poile plan is a very good one and has, and will, result in a strong team. I want a high standard, and second rounds, and eventually finals, which is why I like what they have been doing. Does this version need some work? Sure, of course, and maybe some purer scorer is needed. Gee, in a perfect world we'd be as good as Vancouver or better... But I like the playoff potential (some this year, but more so in the future) with a strong dee if we can get moderately consistent scoring, and I think we have a lot of young potential up front that should improve while Erat and Legwand still have some legs.
Hopefully we are not deviating too much from the original intentions of the OP....

For me personally, I do not want to see either David Poile or Barry Trotz fired. However, I'm also not waiting to see how their ideas will pan out either. Based upon the current makeup of the team, and likely future direction of the team as indicated by the Fisher acquisition (to bring it back to the OP's question), I perceive some troubling trends. On top of that, we can draw upon what has been successful in the post season since the lockout (meaning other teams). Those perceived trends, combined with what we've seen can be successful since the lockout, is why I chose to tackle the topic now as opposed to waiting a couple of years like PV82 suggested (and triggered by the Fisher acquisition).

When I look at Poile and Trotz, I can't help but approach the situation much like I would with one of my employees. I see a lot of great things. I see one or two issues that I believe need to be addressed. Therefore, I attempt to address those issues. At the office, I'd have discussions and official performance evaluations with my employees. There's no black and white decision to be reached in regards to firing or keeping either- at least not yet. In many ways, I believe that the ownership group have to go through a similar process in assessing David Poile (although likely with expressed desired goals by ownership to aid in that analysis)- particularly since they are not hockey experts. In hockey though, I use my blog, tweets, and message boards to do that.

I've met and interviewed Barry Trotz. I've studied him and his interactions with his players. I've listened to great stories from people who've known Trotz for a much longer time than my brief interaction (like our own SLake and Mark "The View From 111" Willoughby). Based upon all that, I believe Trotz to be a very good coach and an exceptional human being. To don't cut people like that loose until you have to- and now's not that time to me.

I know less about David Poile, but his historical interactions with players and staff likely says he's a very similar individual. Again, not one to quickly dismiss.

That said, the Nashville Predators are a professional hockey team with the goals of being successful on and off the ice. To this point, under this new ownership group, they've done that. There comes a point however, where fan apathy can start to play a role. As a blogger of opinions (meaning- not a journalist), I see myself playing a role similar to what a GM must do- look several years ahead (without their expertise, lol). In the Face-Offs where I addressed those issues about Poile and Trotz, that was what I was trying to do.

Lastly, building a slightly different team than the one Poile is doing does not take "a perfect world"- or even more money as I've shown on multiple occasions. The teams that Poile builds year-after-year have the ability to weather injuries better than most (due to the almost plug-and-play nature of the forwards). They will almost always be in contention for the playoffs due to the teamwork and effort instilled in them by Trotz. They can even capture lightening in the bottle and have a good run in the playoffs if their goaltender is incredibly hot and their forwards are streaking.

My argument is that you can't keep waiting for the team to capture that lightening in the bottle. And, if you're building your team several years in advance, you can doom yourself into doing so if you're not careful. That's where my big mouth comes in. ;-)

Great discussion.

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