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03-29-2011, 01:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Inferno272 View Post
+/- *CAN* be a deceiving stat, sometimes it isn't. in this case I think it's a bit of both, i think the 2 rookies have played tremendous defense, but i dont think the + is really because of them, neither of them have showed much in the way of the offensive side of the puck, i think theyve just benefited from a)not having to face the oppositions truly elite players, and b)the rangers having bursts of 6,7,8 goals mostly while they are on the ice (at least to my recollection).

again, im not trying to take anything away from these kids, but as a defenseman it really takes some context. im more impressed by staal and girardis significantly lower +/- because a) we dont have a true #1 line to carry the offensive load and b) because they are ALWAYS (not sometimes, ALWAYS) matched up against the top line of the other team as a pair.
Dude get off your high horse about +-. This is isn't the days of Jagr carrying the offense behind a mediocre defense with Rozsival and Traffic cone Malik reaping the benefits. No one is saying its the most important or accurate stat, its just a little thing worth noting, but as always the pessimists have to come out of the closet and shoot down the good.

They both average what, 20-22 minutes a night? Were not talking about a third pairing who is sheltered and sees 13 minutes a a game. While they are a mid defense pairing, its something to be excited about. They are not Staal and Girardi, we understand that, but they are also not Eminger and McCabe.

The reason I brought it up is because they both have had stellar play for rookies especially as our #3 and #4. There is a reason why Del Zotto is -5, Eminger is -2 and Gilroy was only +5 and not +18 because they have not been playing in the same realm as these two have. Thats all I was trying to get across.

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