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Originally Posted by Murphy7 View Post
Here's the changes so far. Anyone with 2011-12 face values, please share.

Ticket prices -- lowers
SeatsSTH 11-12STH 10-11STH chg.Face 11-12Face 10-11Face chg.
Ice Row$193$17510.3%X$225X
Ctr. 6 (112-114, 124-102)$95$7920.3%X$96X
Shoot 2X (103-111)$89$7912.7%X$96X
Shoot 1X (115-123)$85$797.6%X$96X
Corners (117&121)$79$79EvenX$96X

Ticket prices -- uppers
SeatsSTH 11-12STH 10-11STH chg.Face 11-12Face 10-11Face chg.
Row 1$65$5127.4%X$63X
Row 2$63$5123.5%X$63X
Row 3$61$5119.6%X$63X
Row 4$59$5115.7%$73$6315.9%
Row 5$57$5111.8%X$63X
Row 6$55$517.8%X$63X
Row 7$53$513.9%X$63X
Row 8-C6$51$51EvenX$63X
Row 8$51$4318.6%X$53X
Row 9-C6$49$51-3.9%X$63X
Row 9$49$4314.0%X$53X
Row 10-C6$47$51-7.8%X$63X
Row 10$47$439.3%X$53X
Row 11-C6$45$51-11.8%X$63X
Row 11$45$434.7%X$53X
Row 12$43$3619.4%X$46X
Row 12 ends$43$2387.0%X$26X
Row 13$41$3613.9%X$46X
Row 13 ends$41$2378.3%X$26X
Row 14$39$368.3%X$46X
Row 14 ends$39$2369.6%X$26X
Row 15$37$362.8%X$46X
Row 15 ends$37$2360.9%X$26X
Cadillac Grille 2010 Face Value $113 (I don't know where that $138 is coming from, I'm looking at my tickets for Sunday right now ... $113 face)

Cadillac Grille 2011 Face Value $146

or so my invoice says.

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