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Originally Posted by Peter Puck View Post
This is precisely the attitude that we are complaining about. I don't think anyone doubts the fact that the Habs had the right to "fire" SK. (Just as he had the right to ask for a trade). Management exercised their right. Now he is excelling in Nashville and we got nothing. Do you think this is a sign of good management?
Whatever, go into work tomorrow and tell your boss you're not working till you get a raise 10 fold(AHL to NHL salary) and when he tells you no, tell you you're not reporting to work until he does. This isn't one of those things where you win in the end. It's obviously an extreme case, but reality is, who are we to say that, and who is he to do the same? Yes, if a guy deserves a promotion, you give it to him, but they felt he didn't deserve one. So if you're competeting for a promotion at work, and someone else gets it, I guess you stop showing up to work because you felt you should get it?

If you wanna argue asset management rather than player management, I'll agree with you. Montreal is terrible at getting return on their assets.

If you want to talk player management, I am neutral on the situation. Everyone likes to point out how bad our scouting is every now and then, how bad our player development is as well. Yet, in 2005 we got Price, latendresse, D'agostini, sergei kostitsyn out of 7 picks(3rd rounder was lost, extra 7th rounder). That's impressive, but when we're missing a type of player, we failed.

When we trade latendresse and he scores a lot of goals, we lost the trade, but when we turn a guy's career around(pouliot) and manage the player better than another franchise no one brings it up. The reality is, for that trade, latendresse may be better than pouliot, but latendresse hasn't changed, he made more points, but still didn't come into camp in shape, got a groin injury and is out the year, came back, injured again. Is that overlooked? the fact that a certain player didn't appear to have the drive to be what we needed here, and when he changes organization, guess what, what motivation? He still didn't train hard enough. I guess we should overlook these things, because it's montreal management at fault, always.

This is not to point out latendresse, nor to say we're the best. I said i'm neutral. We have made careers out of several young guys. Pouliot is no longer a bust, he may not have reached 4th overall status yet, but he's way better here than in Minnesota. Price, everyone complained we mismanaged him and that we ruined him by not giving him a veteran backup, boom, he's not a vezina candidate. The organization put a lot of expectations on Price, and many felt it was more than he can handle, but at a young age, Price conquered it all, and despite the ups and downs, at the age of 23, he's got a ton of wins, MVPs, championships and soon a vezina nomination. Yet, at the time, many felt we mismanaged him. The organization asks what it expects of you, all sergei had to do was take it like a man and work his way back up.

We screw up a lot too, but it's not as terrible as people make it out to be. That's the point i'm trying to make. Yes, we could've done better with a lot of players but at same time, it happens to a lot of teams. It's just hightened here. Here's a prime example:

Andrei kostitsyn

15:50 TOI
125 Hits
26 Blocked shots

"OMG this guy sucks, trade him, forget that he's RFA, don't even qualify him!!!"

Sergei Kostitsyn

35 Hits
12 Blocked shots

"Omg, what a stud, we mismanaged our players, what did we do? how can we let this happen? Fire management, fire the scouting staff, let's protest"

Yes, sergei has 2 points and +3 more in 4 GP less. Andrei has 90 Hits more though, yet one is garbage and one is a stud now. To make matters worse, SERGEI ASKED FOR A TRADE. Only ONE of the two, left their teams and asked for a trade. I'm not saying sergei didn't want to play in montreal, nor am I saying he wouldn't have been good here, but we are complaining over something so minimal. Perhaps I may not agree with the posters here, who, to be honest, I fully respect, but I'm describing my perception of the reality here, if you disagree, that's fine, but few things will change my mind, because there's a lot more evidence to suggest we managed guys like Subban, Price, Pouliot(lower lines=facing worse defensive match ups=confidence boost), Weber, Desharnais, and Eller(I feel his two-way game has improved and he will be a legit 3rd liner with offensive upside next year for us). Yet, we complain about the couple guys we lost. It happens.

Oh btw, just to add, that team we're saying got the best out of Kostitsyn somehow failed with Radulov. Should we say it's the team's fault or the player? It's a trick question cuz either answer proves my point.

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