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Originally Posted by Jame View Post
no... i would not agree.

I think the very long term contract, for the young franchise player... is a relatively new phenomenon, that doesn't have nearly enough statistical evidence to be analyzed the way you want to present it.

This isn't a 31 yr old Wade Redden we are talking about. Or a 29 yr old Kovalchuk for 100 bagillion dollars.

The analysis should not be about "what ifs". Do you think Myers is on the path to franchise cornerstone defensemen? If the answer is yes, then the 10 year 50-60 million contract is a great path.

If you are hesitant... and instead sign him for 5 years/25 million... then those will be the last 5 years he plays in Buffalo, leaving at 28 years old (his prime)
QFT. The number of long term contracts signed by players at a young age (22-25ish) is so small that you can't make hasty conclusions about a small sample size. And to be fair, the majority of young players that have taken these contracts have been worth the money (DP is more of the exception than the most notable commonality).

As for the last part, it's definitely true. If you believe in Myers, lock him up. Because like Jame said, they could be the last 5 years he is here, and even if he is resigned at that point and he has developed, we're talking an extra 3 million + a season, and who knows what the salary cap situation will be down the road.

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