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03-29-2011, 04:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Chainshot View Post
The Bozak conversation is interesting. Buffalo has a wide, glaring hole in the middle down on the farm and in their development/depth charts. Signing somone the likes of DaCosta or Miele is at the lease, a move to shore up their AHL level scoring and at worst, an opportunity to groom someone for NHL play. Both the Rangers and Leafs plugged their guys into the lineup immediately (which may have been in part design as an agreement of the signing to shave off a pro year, see Irwin, Brady last year with the Leafs). Buffalo doesn't HAVE to plug a player like this into the lineup. What they do need though are quality scoring bodies for the farm and if either of this kids can provide that for the simple cost of just cash? Do it. Show that they want to make the franchise deeper/better through investment of capital.

Also, the "hype" factor for either of those players has something to do with the rabid nature of their respective fanbases and the size of the press contigent who follow those two teams. Bozak is an NHLer -- he's not a great NHLer but he's good enough to be playing in the league. Similarly, Gilroy has been an NHLer for over 100 games over the last two years. That's the point here -- finding talent that is good enough to make it to the NHL for nothing but the investment.

It matters not where they find players. What matters is filling organizational needs from whatever feeder system they can -- draft pick, UFA signing, trade. All have merit.
This is the beginning, middle and end of it for me. I don't have a problem with exploring this market but for me the expectations are simply for organizational depth. Derek Whitmore is a win for me. Solid contributor, earns a second contract. Those are the kinds of players I'd look for. For me, the signing of Da Costa, Bozak, Junior Lessard, Peter Sejna, or whoever that seasons' must-have item rates about on par with me as signing some Joey Jo Jo Junior Shabadoo from Bemidji. I'm just not going to expect a legitimate NHL contributor because the odds are very much against it.

They need centers in the organization, that's irrefutable, and you know how big I am on providing more AHL depth than they currently do (Pegula era?). If they can get a couple 3-4 season contributors from the NCAA UFA pool, by all means do so. And if once in a while one of those guys bucks the trend and actually gets an NHL job, awesome. But it's a limited upside market, the best available players always get inflated and I just have trouble getting into it.

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