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03-29-2011, 04:49 PM
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Originally Posted by JDM View Post
I agree with you guys that a call up could infuse life into the team.

However I agree with the team in not making an immediate move. Calm must be the initial message from management after this injury. It must be an attitude of "this sucks, but we soldier on and believe in who we have here."

After a game or two, seeing how the dynamic of the team changes, then you make the call up. If the energy is good but the offense needs a jolt, you call up a scorer. If their is a malaise around the team, then you call up a spark plug. If you need some more stability down the middle, you call up CLiche or Elkins.

I would have been annoyed if they made a rash decision and called up one or two guys immediately. It sends a message of panic. Moller was a different story (as would Schenn or Loktionov be now if they were healthy), because when Williams went down there was the obvious choice. Earned his time, plays the right kind of game, etc.

No one even closely resembles Kopitar in any way that we could call up. So you play and see what kind of player from Manchester would suit you best.

Or better yet, the team steps up and shows us they don't need anymore help. They don't need an injection of life. That's my ideal situation and what you see if you can get before calling up someone willy-nilly because your attitude is that we need anything so long as its something.


I said it in an earlier post that I am alright with taking a wait and see approach before we bring up a kid or two. No need to take more then we need from Manch which is in great shape to do some damage in the playoffs until we find out what we need and or if we need it.

That said if we discover over the next two games or so that the team doesn't respond in a positive manner then I am all for bringing up any and every prospect possible to fill the need.

As to who we call up from manch I don't think that anyone expects us to bring up another Kopi or anyone to replace him, if they do then they haven't spent enough time looking at our prospects that said, bringing up one or two key players can allow us the ability to maintain as much skilled depth on the big club as possible while making any moves we might need to cover up for Kopi as best we can.

Bring up Holloway and it gives us more flexibility as to where we play Lewis while maintaining skill and talent on the fourth line (as an imperfect example). Stoll and Zues are being moved up (sort of) and so is Lewis leaving Richardson to cover one of the center spots but Holloway could fill Richie's spot on the fourth line and do it at a high enough skill level to where we won't be missing much.

My point would be that if the team doesn't show that it can absorb the loss of Kopitar and maintain its ability to be competitive at a high level then by calling up a couple of key players that we might be able to make additional line changes that could help us do so.

Who I would call up by name isn't as important as to who I would be asking them to replace on the Kings.

We have a few players available to us (potentially) who aren't playing for any team right now two of which deserve a serious look in Josh Turnbull and Garret Roe (I would leave Nik D alone for another season) and it is looking like we might also be able to add Linden Vey onto the list within the next week as well though whether he goes to Manchester to fill the loss of Moller or anyone else we might call up to the big club is open for determination.

There are also additional options available to us but they aren't important to my point and that is that while I agree that we should wait to see if we need to call anyone up that it is also important that we have a very specific plan of what our line up is going to look like before we do so that we can do the best for all of the parties involved (the teams and the players).

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