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03-30-2011, 02:03 AM
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Originally Posted by Pizza View Post
This team is not painfully mediocre right now IMO. They will get better in any case. Too much youth on the roster and in the pipe line. Some of it pretty skilled.

There will be no in between if we sign Richards. He will either put us in contention quickly, or it will be a total CF. But after watching the Rangers PP the last few months, I'm more in favor of an FA signing than I was before. The PP, passing, and any number of things get better on paper with him in the line up.

I actually think Hank figures into this decision in a big way. No question he is the elite talent on the team. Maybe the top goalie in the world. He's in his prime now, but how long does he stay there. With the right support cast Hank could steal the series that wins us the cup.

Maybe more than once.

If the Rangers could put together a pretty nice run this year it will be due to Hank. And but for a few PP goals they fell short of moving on, well that could decide things...if it hasn't already.

If Richards is available this gets interesting.
This is how I feel. Having watched this team play this season I feel like signing Richards could make us a serious contender for few years coming. However, at the same time I understand how others fear Richards will become another waste of cap space if he starts to decline mid his long-term contract (which he's gonna get no matter where he signs)

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