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Originally Posted by The Lollipop King View Post
Sometimes **** (lower skilled) players throw you off guard and can pull of a dangle. Playing against really skilled players I have a sense of what they are going to do, and also I probably try harder. When I see a bad player coming down 1 on 1 with me I ease up a bit, and they often do unexpected things that throw you off guard haha. I've been dangled once or twice by a person who has no business pulling a move on me lol.

Could also be that they move at slower speeds so it affects timing.

I am one of these players.
It's not just dangles though, every now and again even the basic beginners can pull off moves that even they didn't think they would be able to.
I was training with my local RAF team (higher level than myself) and scored a beauty of a goal which even I didn't believe I had scored. Picked up the puck just outside the Blueline from a loose pass, drove into their zone, faked the D-man and went outside of him then cut back in protecting the puck, Deked the keeper into thinking I was gonna shoot backhand then dragged the puck across my body and wristed it underneath his glove.
There is no way I should have been able to pull that off against the opposition I was up against but every now and again things just work

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