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03-30-2011, 04:56 AM
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Originally Posted by Korppu View Post
3500 seater built in 2003. RoKi has good area for marketing and stable fanbase. Maybe the obstacle for their promotion and keeping their spot in Mestis is that good enough players are not willing to move to Rovaniemi just to play in a lower level team and their own core is just not strong enough.

Promotion to SM-Liiga is made hard for a reason and as we've seen many times during last 3 years, it's because they don't want anyone to promote. After all it's they who make the rules and if you want to promote you have to play by the rules. Im sure they would make up something to prevent the promotion if they didn't like the team that won the series.

System in Mestis <-> Suomi-sarja changed from last year and probably will do so in future too. After all, crowd wants to see some bigger "independent" teams (RoKi, Hermes) replacing total farm teams like LeKi. This year i think the system was slighty weighted in favour of Suomi-sarja teams as it would've had been possible to promote even without getting a single point from the Mestis team and Mestis team had to prevent all 3 S-sarja teams from topping them in points.
Yeah. I do take your point about the Mestis/Suomi sarja play offs being fairer. I think if RoKi had won away at KOOVEE they'd probably have been promoted. I guess I think it would be better if they had 2 promotion/relegation places available. It seems abit odd to me that TuTo finnished bottom of Mestis by about 16 points and didnt have to fight for their place in Mestis against the Suomi sarja teams because they managed to beat Hokki in a play off.

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