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Originally Posted by tpb209 View Post
The problem with the +/- stat is that a person could have absolutely nothing to do with the goal for. The player could also have absolutely nothing to do with the goal against.

The supposition is that these outliers will even out over the long term, but for many players this may not happen. It is the same way for many stats. This is the main problem people have with traditional baseball stats. A pitcher could give up 8 runs in 5 innings and still get a win. Does that "win" mean that this pitcher is better than a pitcher with one less win? No, it does not. In my opinion, logical, rational statistics only represent what a specific player is responsible for. It really is not possible, at this point, to do that in overall hockey statistics. There is too much white noise. In baseball, it is easier to create advanced metrics because almost everything is made up of 1v1 matchups.

The problem is, without watching every game, a person does not know how well a player is playing. Ranger fans, for the most part, know that McD and Sauer are playing well, but they may or may not be playing as well as their +/- indicates.

(If this isn't clear or well thought out, I apologize. It was trivia night at the bar and I had a few.)
Good analogy and well thought out comments.

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