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03-30-2011, 12:34 PM
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To the fine idea it sounds interesting. I know that the league is always looking to standardize ice quality and preperation so who knowws.

As to how Kopitar injured his leg here is what I was referring to:


Haven't seen this one posted before...

Longer interview with Kopi. Basically the most interesting part of it is his explanation what caused it... bad ice. He says there was a hole in the ice and his skate got stuck there. $%@~# !!!

Edit: "6-8 weeks" is mentioned also."

As to equipt troubles well, I get my skates from a sponsor for something i did long long ago and I can tell you that the skates that NHL players get aren't the same as over the counter models. When I need or want a new pair of skates I send in my old pair along with any notes that I have about it and it goes from there.

At least once a year I am at the main facilities where my boot is made (for various reasons) and they take imprints of my feet, where my balance points are, how soft or hard I prefer my boot and so on.

I am not saying that the gear couldn't be a contributing factor, just that the ones that the pro's use are vastly different that what is available to your average rec player.

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