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03-30-2011, 02:19 PM
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Originally Posted by WineShark View Post
What many forget is the series against the Hawks wasn't that lopsided as the series sweep would indicate. A goal a night from the second line (or the third line chipping in) could have been the difference in the match up.
Well, two goals per game at least, anyway (one to tie, one to go ahead).

Which comes back to my point......exempting Marleau (who did at least come through in the second half of that playoff run), the Sharks needed an extra 2 goals per game from.....someone. Anyone. Doesn't matter who it is, but they need SOMEBODY to score those 2 goals.

3 minutes left in the game, desperately needing a goal to tie (and a second goal to win), who do you put out on the ice? Who are seemingly the most likely candidates to give you the best chance of scoring and tying/winning the game? Do you put out Joe Thornton and Dany Heatley, or do you go with Scott Nichol and Devin Setoguchi (though, ironically, the latter pair actually did combine for more goals in last year's playoffs)?

Originally Posted by WineShark View Post
I think we have an honest shot at getting to the Cup this year BECAUSE other teams wont be able to focus on one line. Remember our third line centre played for the US in the Olympics. Thats a pretty good third line.
What you say will work only if the 1st line also produces.

This also goes back a bit to what you were saying about the 2004 playoff run. If the Sharks get 15 goals over the first two rounds from their second line and only 2 goals from the top line, that's really no different than the Sharks getting 15 goals from the top line and only 2 goals from the second line. At some point, the Sharks most talented players need to come through and they do need BOTH top lines to produce. The second line has been doing its part.....will the top line?

And ......... how about that Patrick Marleau. I bet he's good in the P/O's this year.
I hope so. And I'm a little more bolstered by the fact that, in addition to Marleau who has shown himself capable of dominating in the playoffs, we also now have guys like Pavelski and Couture who could now themselves maybe both be PPG guys in the playoffs.

Again, the Sharks need to have 2-3 or more top notch performances from somebody. It doesn't HAVE to come from the players with the most supposed talent.......but that would seem to be the most obviously desirable source. If they get that, the Sharks will win or at least have a very good shot. If they get zero top notch performances in the postseason from their most talented players, they will matter what Jason Demers does.

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