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03-30-2011, 05:27 PM
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Originally Posted by JDM View Post
Sounds like PP time is the difference.
... Don't top line players play on the power play? And, sorry man, you'll not get me to believe that a guy playing 11 minutes in a game is a true "top line" player.

Originally Posted by JDM View Post
Training camp is where players earn their spots... or have I been mistaken on how teams do things for my entire lifetime?
... If player S scores 40 even-strength points in actual game play the previous season, and player L scores zero, there's no way player L can leapfrog player S on the depth chart in training camp - unless he's handed the spot.

If two players come into training camp with the same credentials, that's one thing - training camp can and usually does make the difference. But, to discredit actual game experience and past performance is just dense.

Originally Posted by JDM View Post
why for the love of all that is hockey do you refuse to accept that Moller is a top 6 or nothing player?
... Actually, I said he didn't earn a shot on the top line. Is top 6 = top line? Do 6 players play on the top line? Don't misquote me as you go along, here.

Originally Posted by JDM View Post
Yes, categories such as 'hockey player', 'man', 'alive' and 'played part of the year in Manchester'. Otherwise, their roles with the team and how they arrived there are vastly different from one another.
... VASTLY different! LMAO Oh, I know.

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