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Originally Posted by NYRFAN218 View Post
Don't know much about him, anyone have any insight on him?
As I've stated before I go to school at Merrimack. I've seen him play a decent amount. The guy has a lot of talent. He has speed, hands, and good vision. He can dance around defenders just like he did a few times in the loss to Notre Dame (attended that game). The kid has talent but I'd like to see what he can do at the pro level.

He packed up his things and left school a couple days ago. I've had the chance to talk to him a little since I'm also an athlete at Merrimack. He seems like a nice kid. He can speak decent english. He always seems pretty up beat or in a positive mood. Those are some of the good things to know. He works hard. The whole merrimack team worked hard. And he also seems to have recovered pretty nicely from the knee injury he sustained a few weeks back before the regular season ended.

I heard last night he was considering offers from Minnesota and Ottawa, leaning towards Ottawa because they are saying they will let him play in some NHL games towards the end of this year. Also heard OTT is offering $3.75 million and Minnesota is offering $3.25 million but i dont know what the length of the years are so I dont know how that spreads out. Also dont know how true all of that is but I'm pretty sure the info was relayed from him to guys on his team and so on.

Would love to see the rangers sign since I went to school with him. He's a good player. He has the tools to make it.

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