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10-13-2003, 01:42 PM
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vCash: 500 one of the worst proposals ever.

Detroit gives up Cujo, Schneider, Zetterburg and a 4th FOR...

Blackburn, Comrie, 6th rounder.

Comrie is a small holdout center who scores about as much as Daniel Briere. You're trading him based on his potential and not what he has produced thus far.
Blackburn is injured and once again, is all potential.

Detroit won't trade for potential. They'll trade for players that will help them win a cup this year. Comrie won't do that. He'd be playing 12 to 15 minutes a game probably getting only 40-50 points, and blackburn wouldn't even get a sniff at the playoffs even if he was on the roster.

Why does detroit trade away a 4th and Zetterburg who is a center with about as much scoring potential as Comrie that is also a much better two-way player this early in his career for a small one dimensional player who is going to likely be 3 times as expensive at the same age as Z?

Also, Detroit traded a 1st in 03, a 2nd in 04, Sean Avery and Max Kuznetzov for Schneider. That's a whole lot given away for a player who plays only 15-20 games with the wings. Why just dump him for blackburn (another goalie and an unproven one at that) and a 6th???

Sure, Detroit dumps payroll even though the only player on the payroll they want to dump is CUJO.

Detroit wouldn't touch any deal like this with a 100 foot pole, or any deal for that matter involving Fischer, Datsyuk or Zetterburg.

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