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03-30-2011, 10:18 PM
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Originally Posted by Freedom Elz View Post
Size, skating, toughness, hockey sense, to name a few. He's a good passer and has a nice point bomb as well. If he has a weakness, it might be that its all too good to be true.
Like I said if the Avs draft him I'll fully support him and he is a top 10 pick for sure. A lot of scouting services have him higher than where I do so obviously my opinion isn't very appealing.

Either way I like Seimens over him.

Originally Posted by Drury_Sakic View Post
You are assuming that 3rd will turn out to be of the quality of Barrie, they more likely would be a Carman, Hensick, Parshin, or Lunberg, and while OB is a good player and a needed add, I trade him in a heartbeat for a more complete player in Larsson, even if he is a year or two or three away.
I just don't see it being worth it. Why do you?

At this point, the Avs are better served by getting the more focused talent than broader net of players, especially on D. They have been running with #3-4 D men playing top minutes far too much.
It may just be me, and only me, but this year's dcrop beside Larsson doesn't strike me to be the best. Next years look quite solid. I would take Larsson over any Dman drafted in 2010 and some in 2009 but I wouldn't take Hamilton over Folwer, Gudbranson or Gromley.

Again this is just me. If you have a higher opinion of Hamtilon feel free to disagree. Also, we don't know what we'll have with our Dmen till they hit the NHL.

As for the Islanders, despite having De Haan and Streit, there is some thought that they are looking at taking Ryan Murphy potentially with their pick. No one really knows what Streit will bring to the table after missing a whole season. He will also be 34 going into next season, and while not an old man by anymeans, he won't be there for ever. Regarding De Haan, I don't follow NYI prospects or anything closely, but the little I have seen on him is that he has not exactly turned heads this year. (though not many young D men do in their first year) Unlike the Avs, I get the impression that the NYI are more in the mode of taking more depth quality over a singular pick/player.
Streit still has a lot of good hockey in him IMHO. That guy is smart, injuries shouldn't effect his vision. As you also said the NYI could just draft Murphy who I think has just as good offensive vision, if not better, than Elliot or Barrie.

Looking 2-3 years down the line,


Thats too much shuffling for my like. You are really high on Couturier but I don't think he'll be better than Stastny. I think he could be as good as Stastny but not better. I'd sooner take RoR on the 2nd line than wing where his defensive game is used more. Duchene on the wing sits fine with me.


Sets you up very nicely, with the only real need to fill out the 4th line and add a 2nd lefty D man... (with Liles perhaps being a bit in the air in regards to his future)... And there is always the chance of a darkhorse prospect showing up and/or a good UFA signing up front that might bump guys down. Yeah, we don't know what to expect really from Coooter, Hishon, Larsson, Malone, and Barrie/Elliott... but on paper at least, you are looking at a lineup that has great balance and a good mix of size, skill, and by then some leadership and experience with core players.
I think we'll just agree to disagree. I'll be shocked to see the Avs make the move you suggested and I wouldn't do it.

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