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03-30-2011, 10:33 PM
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Originally Posted by dmitri View Post
Like I said if the Avs draft him I'll fully support him and he is a top 10 pick for sure. A lot of scouting services have him higher than where I do so obviously my opinion isn't very appealing.

I just don't see it being worth it. Why do you?

It may just be me, and only me, but this year's dcrop beside Larsson doesn't strike me to be the best. Next years look quite solid. I would take Larsson over any Dman drafted in 2010 and some in 2009 but I wouldn't take Hamilton over Folwer, Gudbranson or Gromley.

Again this is just me. If you have a higher opinion of Hamtilon feel free to disagree. Also, we don't know what we'll have with our Dmen till they hit the NHL.

Thats too much shuffling for my like. You are really high on Couturier but I don't think he'll be better than Stastny. I think he could be as good as Stastny but not better. I'd sooner take RoR on the 2nd line than wing where his defensive game is used more. Duchene on the wing sits fine with me.


I think we'll just agree to disagree. I'll be shocked to see the Avs make the move you suggested and I wouldn't do it.
Uhm, I never mentioned Hamilton.... I am all about Larsson and Couturier....... Who are both safe picks to at least be decent 3rd Line, 3rd paring talent, and Larsson reportedly having Lidstrom upside and Couturier perhaps shaping up to be Vinny part II.

As you said, Larsson appears to be the legit, real deal on D, more than replacing either TB or SE in terms of prospect pool talent.... And Couturier... I don't think he is better than Stastny or will be, what I am saying there is that you find a balance on a line, putting the big PF center with the ultra skilled, but smaller Hishon, and the known talent of Duchene... balancing that out against a better two way game 2nd line with Stastny, Jones, and O'Reilly. In theory, you match the 2nd line against the opposing teams best, and get the top offensive threat line away from having to play shutdown hockey. And again, I am not proposing that this year by any means, that is a 2-3 year projection, with perhaps one more year of suck in there before things start to turn.

And who knows, perhaps my "3rd" line in that situation is more of a 4th line, and the Avs end up building a more balanced 3rd unit along the way, but regardless, it sets a solid foundation and would present 3 very different styles of lines to a game. The Avs offense is very samish right now from line 1 to line 4 in terms of style. Breaking that up would make the team less predictable.

Hell, maybe the bottom two lines look like this in 2-3 years...

Winnik-McClemment-Big winger that can sorta skate without falling over.

Easy choice to give up Barrie/Elliot, Siemens, and say a 1 in 6 chance of the 3rd rounder turing into an average or above NHL for Larsson and Couturier, both who have superstar potential and bring elements to the team that they simply do not have in the system. (Johnson compares more to Blake/Pronger where as Larsson is compared to Lidstrom)

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