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10-13-2003, 02:05 PM
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Originally Posted by Davisian
It might all be "past" but when the last two games look JUST like the last six years, it's called a TREND..

Comments like that "prove Sather's point?" What point was that???

That fans shouldn't boo because it "doesn't help?"" ARE YOU KIDDING ME??

Yes, this is a new year.. I can't wait for the players to figure that out.. I guess they're just waiting for the fans to be nice..

And SAVE IT with the "bandwagon" crap.. From you to Melnyk and everyone in between on the "optimism spectro-analyzer" there aren't any "bandwagon" fans here.. You see, they show up when the team wins (insert six year comment here)..

Being a fan doesn't mean you turn your blinders on and think "if I just cheer more, they might start to win.."

They'll start to win when they actually change what they're doing wrong, and actually care enough to do it.. Not a minute sooner, whether I "jump back on" or not..

And as far as Leetch, that's still sad.. That he's actually NEEDED for EIGHT power plays.. Especially considering that Kovalev and Poti were manning the points for the most part of them.. It's not like Driver and Karpa were back there.. And once again, if you want to play "what if" then you have to factor in Gaborik's absence.. That's my point..

just to add another point, this isn't the 62 ny mets, this is a team that consistantly finds ways to reach new lows! with the talent they have they should kill teams like columbus and etc. the problem is, this isn't ea sports! they need to show up every game and play as if it were thier last! if teams with a lot less talent and payroll show you is, money means nothing! it's heart and that is something the rangers sorely lack!

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