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03-31-2011, 12:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Revelation View Post
Also, the only exception I really take to this tie-breaker is that they don't take into account shootout losses. We essentially get points taken away from us in the tiebreaker since we have a goos shootout record, but other teams don't get the points taken away for their shootout losses. They should just make the stat be points minus shootout.

Good shootout teams effectively get penalized for being good at a shootout. If they have a tiebreaker for this, why not just remove the shootout entirely? If it's a part of the game, it should be treated as such, not some red-headed step-child part.
I look at it more as teams that can't finish their opponent in the time alotted get punished. Makes sense to me. Other teams finished their opponent off within 65 minutes which is better than taking 65 plus a SO. It's working against us but I'm fine with it. If games ended in ties I don't think we'd be in the PO right now i could be wrong about that though

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