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Originally Posted by Cartsiephan View Post
Actually I have no name on the back of my jersey, I root for the crest on the front and not the name on the back like it says on the wall.

1. scores goals, check
2. good center who plays a good defensive game even though Giroux has him playing out of position, check
3. solid on faceoffs, although Giroux takes a lot of the offensive zone faceoffs, Carter has been taking some more in the defensive zone, check
4. lack a real slap shot or one-timer, check
5. does not use his size on the boards, check
6. is loved by fans who adore him for scoring goals, check
7. if anyone dare criticize him for being less than what the fans say he is, turncoat who is not really a Flyers fan, check

I root for the team to perform, it means that as a key cog Carter needs to be an important piece of that playoff puzzle or else those 35 goals in the regular season mean nothing, nada, not one thing. But yes, of course I just make things up.
1) To address the bolded, Carter was easily one of the most panned players on this forum. Then you showed up and singlehandedly changed that. You made a lot of people actually pay attention to what Carter does on every shift, and they've realized he's actually quite good. You're entirely unreasonable, and your ludicrous agenda against Carter makes no sense to any sane/rational hockey fan.

2) seem to think that Carter is Gretzky. That EVERYTHING depends on him. It doesn't. Just as it all isn't dependent on Richards, or Giroux, or Briere, or Timonen or Pronger alone. It depends on an effort from everyone, yet you decide to make Carter the focus for everything.

There are no superstars on this team capable of putting a team on their back and carrying them to a Stanley Cup. There are no superstars in this league even capable of doing that, with the exception of Crosby (and even he had a lot of help from his teammates). Changing Carter out for Getzlaf or Perry is, at best, a lateral move. This team is built for depth. If one player isn't producing, the idea is that someone else will be able to step up. If you really, really want to get rid of Carter's offensive production and replace it with something inferior, it shows you aren't thinking rationally, and just have some sort of unfathomable personal dislike for the guy.

edit: You haven't addressed this yet:

Originally Posted by CanadianFlyer88 View Post

So Lidstrom gets a pass, even though he didn't get his name on the Cup until his 6th season.

But Jeff Carter and Mike Richards are both underperformers and poor leaders, even though they're both only in their 6th season.

I bet, had you been an adult during the 80s, that you would have thrown the same criticisms at Steve Yzerman. His leadership and ability to step up when it matters was constantly in question and he didn't shake it off until he won the Cup... in his 14th season. Yet, now he's considered one of the greatest leaders and 'clutch' players of all-time.

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