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Originally Posted by Beef Invictus View Post
1) To address the bolded, Carter was easily one of the most panned players on this forum. Then you showed up and singlehandedly changed that. You made a lot of people actually pay attention to what Carter does on every shift, and they've realized he's actually quite good. You're entirely unreasonable, and your ludicrous agenda against Carter makes no sense to any sane/rational hockey fan.

2) seem to think that Carter is Gretzky. That EVERYTHING depends on him. It doesn't. Just as it all isn't dependent on Richards, or Giroux, or Briere, or Timonen or Pronger alone. It depends on an effort from everyone, yet you decide to make Carter the focus for everything.

There are no superstars on this team capable of putting a team on their back and carrying them to a Stanley Cup. There are no superstars in this league even capable of doing that, with the exception of Crosby (and even he had a lot of help from his teammates). Changing Carter out for Getzlaf or Perry is, at best, a lateral move. This team is built for depth. If one player isn't producing, the idea is that someone else will be able to step up. If you really, really want to get rid of Carter's offensive production and replace it with something inferior, it shows you aren't thinking rationally, and just have some sort of unfathomable personal dislike for the guy.

Teams are like a chain, if there is one weak link the chain breaks. As I have said, I think this team could be just as successful with or without him, but it is up to his play come the playoffs to change his legacy as a playoff performer. It is imperitive that your best regular season performer not only steps up their game, but RAISES their game to the next level(see Briere).

But the point I have made is if Carter is not scoring what is his real value? A defensive fwd on this roster so built with scoring depth(this role is already taken by Richards IMO)? The most "clutch" guy in the regular season not scoring at a bigger clip in the post-season?

Call me what you want, but without a better performance from Carter this team is going to have trouble, and it starts with a more physical presence, which is just not in Carters game and for the life of me I cannot figure out why when JvR seems to have figured it out.

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