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03-31-2011, 03:27 PM
This ****ing team
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Originally Posted by lakingsdrummer View Post
It's not a question of loyalty. I just don't see the point of hanging around these boards if you feel like the season is over. If you have no hope for this team, why bring the rest of us down?

Whatever, man. They have the right to neg up this board, just like I have a right to call them a crybaby, just like you have a right to call me a jerk. I just want you to take a look at what was being said here in January and compare it to now.
Maybe because they still love and want to watch the team? This is a discussion board, people should be able to express their opinions, positive or negative.

Look at what was being said in January? I was here. Look at what we being said the first time we went on a bad losing streak this year. I made a thread called "Calm down" after that one. I understand the sentiment, but I would never try to tell people to not post their opinions or tell them to go watch the Lakers just because their opinions are negative. Just as I don't want you to stop posting you opinion, I would just rather you stop insulting people because of theirs. It gets over the top sometimes, but this is definitely one of the times is it NOT over the top.

If you do go back and read that thread I'm talking about. Be warned that was pretty uncharacteristic of me to make. I don't exactly remember everything I said it in, so... I don't know.

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