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As some of you may know Belgium has a lot of talented footballplayers right now, probably the most talented group of players we have since the early nineties though so far results have been mediocre. Under new coach Leekens there is hope things are turning around and we have a good chance of at least reaching the playoff-games for reaching the euro 2012.

I am be no means an expert but here is my assesment of the talents we have (not just playing in the Belgium league).

Number definition:

10 - Once in a lifetime player (example Pelé, Cruijff, Maradonna and now Messi)
09 - Superstar (example Sneijder, Robben, Wayne Rooney)
08 - Star
07 - Good just not great
06 - Above average/usefull player
05 - Average player
04 - Below average player
03 - Mediocre player
02 - Not a professional calibre talent
01 - Go play korfbal

Grade definition:

A - Sure fine bet to reach potential/Already is.
B - Nearly having fulfilled his potential
C - Need seasoning before reaching potential/needs to join a bigger team.
D - Very young and thus having a lot to prove
E - Unlikely to reach potential

All players under 24

1) Romelu Lukaku (17 y) 9C+. Anderlecht - Forward - 1 m 93 (almost 6'4'') - 95 kg (209 pounds)
Tremendous talent, very strong, explosive, fast, youngest topscorer ever of the Belgian League last year. Has drawn comparisons with Didier Drogba. I'm also very impressed with his maturity, his mentality. Has show that he can pass the ball aswell when needed. Main weakness is that he can be a bit sloppy on the technical side, there is definitely some room for improvement there.

2) Eden Hazard (20 y) 9B-. Lille - Attacking Midfielder/Winger
Another great talent. Very skillfull, fast, great dribbling, vison, definitely can break a closed game open, make something happen out of nothing. More highly thought off in France then in Belgium. Still together with Lukaku he is the biggest talent we have and has all the tools to make it in the toughest competitions.

3) Kevin De Bruyne (19 y) 8,5C-. RC Genk - Attacking Midfielder/Winger
Young player who has shown great promise so far. Excellent cross and shot in both feet, excellent dribbling skills even flashy at times, good acceleration. Still needs too mature and an ilness late last year (mononucleoses) slowed his progress a bit.

4) Steven Defour (22 y) 8,5B-. Standard - Central Midfielder
Great midfielder, has the vision, mentality, passing. Makes his team play so much better, just look at how Standard plays without him, he was already there captain at age 19. Injuries have slowed his progress the last 2 years. If he can stay healty expect a move to a bigger club/league soon.

5) Axel Witsel (22 y) 8,5 C. Standard - Attacking/Central Midfielder
Another Standard player another huge talent. More of a scorer then Defour, very skillfull, can make things happen, dribble. He has been known to turn to faul play in the past though lately it seems he has matured.

6) Nacer Chadli (21 y) 8,5B-. Twente - Winger
A year ago he was playing in the dutch second division now he played Champions League with Twente and is on the NT. Very complete player, dribbling, fast, can score.. I'm also very impressed with his intelligence on the field.

7) Moussa Dembélé (23 y) 8,5B-. Fulham - Attacking Midfielder/Winger
When Dembélé plays its often like the ball is glued to his feet. His dribbling is great, uncanny even at times. His only reall weakness is that doesn't score enough for an attacking midfielder.

8) Marouane Fellaini (23 y) 8B. Everton - Midfielder
Tall, powerfull, great heading. Had a great start with Everton but injuries have slowed his progress. Not as skillfull technically like some of the other Belgian midfielders but has a game well suited for the Premier League.

9) Vadis Odjidja (22 y) 8,5C-. Club Brugge - Central/Defensive Midfielder
Very Strong, vision, passing. Could become a really great midfielder but still has a lot maturing to do.

10) Simon Mignolet (22 y) 8B. Sunderland - Goalkeeper.
Promising goalkeeper. Just played his first 2 games with the NT and performed excellent. Doesn't always play in Sunderland but still a clean sheet in almost half the games he played.

11) Yassin El Ghanassy (20 y) 8,5C-. AA Gent - Forward/Winger
Great dribbling, speed, passing.... Still young and learning but looks ready for a move to a better team (Anderlecht?).

11) Jan Vertongen (23 y) 8B. Ajax - Defender
Great shot, technique, toughness. Can also play as a defensive midfielder. Looks ready for a move to a better team/league.

12) Kevin Miralles (23 y) 8B. Olympiacos - Forward/Winger
Great dribbling, can score, set up other people. For a while looked like he was on the wrong track but restarted his career in Greece.

13) Dries Mertens (23 y) 8C+. Utrecht - Forward/Winger
People didn't really believe in his talent in Belgium because of his small size but the last 2 years he has made a name for himself in the Dutch league where he is one of the best players. Speed, dribbling, passing, can score...

14) Jonathan Legaer (23 y) 8C. Anderlecht - Winger
One of Anderlecht's best and most talented players. Has no reall weaknesses as far as his game is concerned but is rather injury-prone.

15) Thibaus Courtois (18 y) 8C-. RC Genk - Goalkeeper.
Still very young but has shown great promise as Genks regular goalkeeper this season.

16) Jelle Vossen (22 y) 8C. RC Genk - Forward.
Genk's goalgetter. Scores easily and works hard.

17) Anthony Van den Borre (23 y) 8C-. RC Genk - Defeder/Midfielder
Was on the wrong track in Italy. Now back in Belgium he has been playing well and showing flashed of his talent again.

18) Toby Alderweireld (22 y) 7,5B-. Ajax - Defender
Excellent powerfull central defender, a regular in the Ajax-defence the last 2 years. Can also play as a right back.

Oh yeah and the best Belgian player at the moment is without a doubt Vincent Kompany!

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