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10-13-2003, 02:43 PM
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Originally Posted by The_Garden
I think we all figured they would have improved. I must admit I am usually a glass is half-full type when it comes to the Rangers. I was defending Muckler until the day he was fired. I was hopeful when Trottier was hired and thought Sather behind the bench would get them into the playoffs last year.

Well maybe I can defend one player, Mark Messier, who I read on numerous boards or newspaper articles should retire. Well at least he held up his end of the bargain and played liked he belonged in the league or more importantly like he wanted to be on the ice.

The one thing I can't bring myself to call this group is "team". They are nothing but a bunch of high priced mercenaries with no allegiance to each other the fans or the sweater.

My glass half-full approach tells me well at least we are going to get a good draft choice, possibly #1, and since there will probably be no season next year we will get a high draft choice, again possibly #1, in next years draft.
Glass half full?......Defended Muckler?.....Make the playoffs with Sather?....Defending Messier?.....prepare to be bombarded!

#1 draft choice,ooooo Ovechkin, now that would be nice.... but it ain't happening. Welcome to the boards and it's good to have another member of the glass half full crew to even things out around here.

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