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03-31-2011, 11:34 PM
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Originally Posted by FacePalm1967 View Post
Hockey aside, the expos were my favourite NL team in the MLB. I was really sad when they left and still am. I wish Montreal would have built the team a stadium because I do think that was the death of the team... playing in the big owe.

People loved going to jarry park in the late 60s and 70s in the spring/summer. I wish that the people in charge of the olympics in montreal would have built the big owe as a baseball stadium first that could accomodate the olympics rather than the other way around (kind of like Atlanta).

Anyway, I would welcome any one of you baseball widdows without a team to root for the jays. The reasons?

- Canadian team (obviously)
- Underdog
- GM is from Montreal
- Scrappy young team
- If they get to the world series in my lifetime I'm making a HUGE expos sign so that the people in the US can see how we still love the expos... Canada's first MLB team.
- The video below.
There weren't many bigger Expos fans than me. I was only 18 during their final season, but I missed maybe two of their games in their last three years. I live in Boston so I was limited to listening online most of the time with ~50 or so on MLB Extra Innings and about 20 each year at Olympic Stadium. Hockey is by far my favorite sport and I love the Canadiens, but the Expos were my favorite team if that makes any sense. When they left I thought I'd never get over it.

After their departure, I swore off baseball completely although I continue to check the box scores every day to cheer against Florida and Washington. Two years ago I thought about it quite a bit and eventually decided to give another team a chance and after much debate decided to go with Toronto over Vladdy's Angels. Sadly it just didn't click. The Jays could never be nos amours, I much prefer National League rules, and most of all I have a hard time supporting a team that voted to eliminate my Expos.

I really wish Toronto would play a series at Olympic Stadium every summer and then I'd probably be able to embrace them. I don't know how well Montrealers would support this (justifiably bitter against MLB and it is Toronto), but considering the reaction when the Raptors played at the Bell Centre I think it could work. I'd give anything to head back to my favorite seat behind home plate and watch a game one more time. Sadly it will never happen.

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