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Originally Posted by Skarjak View Post
People always jump to exclaim:"We are too small!" as if this was the easy solution to all of our problems. This is making things way too simple. Would it help if we had bigger, equally talented players up front? Sure. But find me a team for which that's not a true statement.

Our problems recently are not in any way caused by our size. The guys have just been playing terrible defensive hockey, making lots of bad decisions. That's it.

People are always complaining about our lack of size, but are you willing to trade what it will take to acquire (talented) size up front? Think of what you would accept in exchange for Pacioretty, I guy who's still an up and coming powerforward with a lot to prove. You'd ask for the moon, right? Now, just why would the other teams act any differently?

The only way to get bigger is through the draft, and the team has been trying to adress this recently, but it's going to take time. Eller, Leblanc, Tinordi, Pacioretty, Avtsin are all players that could play big roles in our future, and none of them are small. And then we've seen how Subban, despite not being the tallest of defensemen, can deliver crushing hits.

This slump is just the result of a team forgetting to play defense. The long break will allow them to work on their fundamentals and get back on their game. There is no reason to panic and change half the roster in the summer.
Each team have their own things to work on. Getting bigger up front is not a problem for teams who are actually are big....but their problem might be to have more talent...or more speed etc....Amongst the problems we have, is a bigger squad up front and mostly on the top 6, players that are used over and over again, who can tire more easily, who with a bigger body might be able to confront this tough calendar more easily, or when in game situations can make you win 1 on 1 battles and start trying to win games in other ways than on the PP or by fancy plays over our skilled but small forwards. And yes again, bigger is not always the solution. You can be big and be Jimmy Bonneau. Or you can be small and be Martin St-Louis and that's obviously what's not talked about here.

Yes, it's too easy to pinpoint 1 thing and say that THIS IS THE PROBLEM. It's not that and never was. There,s a whole lot more grey area but that doesn't suit a board like this one who prefers black or white areas. But it would be a start to, at the very least, have that kind of mentality that this organization didn't seem to believe on. Yes, they are usually trying to address it more now and yes it will be through the draft....But a team who REALLY believes in this would have not spend all the money they did on 3 guys that doesn't fit the criteria. If so, how can you say that this is what they are trying to do and yet, spend as much money on something that is exactly the contrary of what they think they should be doing....'Cause that is what was available at the time? Don't believe it's the wisest way of building a team....But even if you can't get a Getzlaf for a 5th round pick or through UFA, it is possible that if you REALLY consider size and grit as a need on your team, you address the way you can. I'd like to know here who would have been TOTALLY against some signings in the summer la Asham, Kenopka and Rupp/Thornburn for example to form a 4th line? Yes, those guys are NOT the ones that will win you a cup...but they are the ones who you can count so that your players don't feel intimidated or type of guys you can count so you'd try to change the momentum of a game by bodychecks and hard play. Not the end of the world, not the difference between a Cup and a 15th place...but a start. At the very least, it clarifies the identity you really want to give to your team. But no, we're called a speedy and puck possession team. A team that while he has lost his most important piece as far as gaining puck possession, looks totally lost most of the time and a clear example of that is all the penalties taken for trying to get the puck back or being frustrated 'cause there's just no way you can get it back. And for whoever would like to mention how getting that kind of 4th line deprives us from this supposed speed lable we have, I'll talk about Moen....Darche....White....Desharnais and mention how those are not categorized in speedy either. And then let's not talk about the defense 'cause speed isn't amongst their top 5 qualities as a group....

Yes, they are also not as bad as what we're seeing now but something is sure though....we might need to change half of the team over the summer anyway....What do you do with the D squad? Everybody's back? While not that Auld back? Isn't Ramo suppose to come over? And if Ramo does well....would that help the team to not make Price play 70 games next year? What do you do with Halpern and Darche? Are we really making White a regular? What about Pyatt? Becomes the 13th forward? Are we going to give a chance to Carle, Palushaj, Dawes, Conboy on the 4th or Engqvist? Are we really going to sign Kostitsyn long term or are we going to trade him depending of what he does in the playoffs? Was the Desharnais experiment conclusive enough? How much money do we have? What's out there? Half the team might be generous....but a strong possiblity that 1/3 might move, like it or not.

But Hamrlik mentioning how tentative we are when we're not at home....Darche saying how fragile we are....Yes, I guess it's just a slump, like it happens to everybody once in a while....Yet, I'll believe it's more than that and it's a question of trying to play an identity we aren't.....But we'll see.

Originally Posted by MathMan View Post
lol @ people comparing the Habs and the Leafs. The Habs are better and it's not even close.

Skarjak has it right. The problems the Habs had versus Carolina don't get fixed by more heart or more size or more effort or more whatever. You don't fix those problems with a bag skate. You fix them with a video session.
Was obviously not comparing the Habs and Leafs, was just saying how with the reality of our injuries and all, the only thing the Leafs would have needed this year is some stability in net to give us a tough battle in the rankings. It doesn't mean we're not stronger on paper, doesn't mean the Leafs will win a cup, it just means what it means...

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