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04-01-2011, 09:08 AM
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I'm feeling a need to revive this thread for a second...

Hypothetically, if you were going to throw a catfish on the ice, how would you time it? Do you go with the tried and true before the puck drops approach, or do you wait for an appropriately emotional time in the game...perhaps right before a TV timeout ovation, right after a goal, right after Toots beats the crap out of someone, etc? Besides having a fish strapped to your body for who knows how long, the second approach could also be risky because what if the long-awaited perfect moment never comes? Then you end up like the goofball at the last Detroit game who randomly threw an octopus on the ice when they were down 3-1. many things to think about!

Also (hypothetically of course... ) if you were going to launch a catfish onto the ice, where exactly would you procure said catfish from?

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