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Originally Posted by TheRustyJet View Post
I had the same problem with contacts my first attempt at wearing them. During high school, I struggled with my contacts every morning trying to get them in a position where they were confortable, a lot of times just giving up and using glasses.

Some things to try:

Try some higher quality contracts if you are using cheaper ones.

Make sure that your optometrist is checking you for astigmatism and prescribing special contacts if you do.

After switching optometrists, I was diagnosed with astigmatism (eye balls/lens shaped more like a football, unlike the regular sphere shape). The ended up prescribing me a different type of contacts (toric) than before (Better quality. That lets more oxygen through.). Guess what? No more stinging and itching. Would have been nice if I had a correct diagnosis the first time....
Completely agree, I had contacts from about 7 years ago replaced with toric ones a year and a half ago and the difference is dramatically different. It's like you don't have any on!

edit to add that if your optometrist is nice they might give you a free trial pair

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