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Originally Posted by Dr. Ogrodnick View Post
As far as the bridge goes... A hanging structure giving fans the ability to throw things on the fans below and the ice surface. Who is the genius that came up with that one? I'm guessing massive lawsuit before too long.

I don't understand why nobody is getting this. Ok, to start, i am not an advocate of the bridges, but people keep bringing up points like this.

For one, the bridges are over the stands, not the ice, and quite a distance back & away. MSG is wide. Wider than most arenas. You can have the bridges hover somewhere over the existing 200s section, and still not be anywhere near the ice.

Second, as for "throwing things down onto the fans below" you can do that RIGHT NOW. 1/3 of the 400 section is directly above the 300s... a "balcony" condition that is *identical* to how a bridge would hang over the seating below. And people throwing stuff below almost never happens. The most i have ever witnessed is paper being torn up and thrown, at the end of the game in a playoff game, and i sit up there, on the end in the 400s, for most every game.

Also, look at most baseball stadiums. The majority have tiered sections that hand directly over the seating below. It would be no different here.

While the bridges might be a gimmick, what that aren't is unsafe.

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