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Originally Posted by Leaf Lander View Post
are you running this draft

this is the first that i have been made aware of a penalty so unless it is official and published in the main draft board it doesn't count.

Originally Posted by Leaf Lander View Post
I missed my clock once last pick before my most recent pick

for it to be official it needs to be published and not in some gm's secret back pocket in his underwear

Originally Posted by Leaf Lander View Post
there is no record published on the front page = doesnt count

so does that mean i missed my clock 3 times already and if that is true why do i not have a 4 hr penalty
Because the clock is 4 hours and the most you can be penalized is three...

Originally Posted by Leaf Lander View Post
this is fishy he went and deleted his post where he said i was skipped


say what you want but this is a cover up

a conspiracy!!!!!!!

I want the truth
I delete posts in this thread all the time to keep it clean. I delete anything not related to the draft (mostly Reen Machine spam), anything no longer relevant (updates of who is up, who's been picked recently like jarek's been doing, who's next, asking who is up, who can take a list, i can take a list, ok i sent my list, i have so and so's list, so and so is skipped, skip me if i come up, etc), complaints/comments about how slow the draft is going, inappropriate conversations, and all posts relating to undrafted players or mistake picks of already-drafted players.

I don't have the exact number of deleted posts, but I think we'd be at draft thread #14 if not for all of this.

That's why it's deleted. Because you had come in and made your pick and took your penalty like a man, or so I thought, so the fact that you had been skipped was no longer relevant.

No conspiracy here, sorry.

Originally Posted by Hedberg View Post
seventies had edited the first post to give Dahlstrom to Velociraptor, so I guess the change is official.
Yes, that's right. I just cleared all evidence that he ever mis-picked.

Originally Posted by BiLLY_ShOE1721 View Post
It's weird seeing guys that you picked in previous drafts get taken in the ATD. I've had Gallant, MacLean, Granato, Ronning, Dahlstrom, Axelsson, Lever, Scanlan, and Manson taken from my MLD10 team. Yet somehow, that team didn't win a round in the playoffs.
"somehow"? Are you trying to bait me? LOL... Look who you were up against and how many players from that team are drafted. Tikhonov, Drury, Labine, Kozlov, Gardner, Jirik, Boudrias, Arnott, Regehr, Redden, Arbour, Edwards, and definitely at least three more to come.

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