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Originally Posted by arrbez View Post
Gentlemen, I think we can all agree that Raleh and I not winning the 2007 MLD was the greatest injustice in the history of Earth. Not only will there likely be 13-15 guys taken from our squad when this is all said and done, but look how high some of them went!

Ziggy Palffy 411
Tumba Johansson 525
Simon Gagne 539
Yuri Liapkin 545
Normand Rochefort 622
Ab McDonald 650
Adam Deadmarsh 681
Reg Fleming 694
Ron Sutter 819
Pekka Rautakallio 830
You must mean MLD7, right? MLD8 was my first MLD and I don't remember you guys being there. I was a noob and ranked dead last and had a quick first round before being dispatched, but looking back, I made some picks that got a lot more respect later on.

Is 10 picks from your MLD7 team being taken that special? I wouldn't know unless I scanned the other rosters. I think this is the draft that Pitseleh built that roster that was otherworldly for an MLD; it probably wouldn't even finish last in this draft. And yet, he somehow lost in round 1. Not enough time here at work to go check it out, though. Someone should take a look and post it if I'm right. It was a crazy roster.

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