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Originally Posted by seventieslord View Post



Because the clock is 4 hours and the most you can be penalized is three...

I delete posts in this thread all the time to keep it clean. I delete anything not related to the draft (mostly Reen Machine spam), anything no longer relevant (updates of who is up, who's been picked recently like jarek's been doing, who's next, asking who is up, who can take a list, i can take a list, ok i sent my list, i have so and so's list, so and so is skipped, skip me if i come up, etc), complaints/comments about how slow the draft is going, inappropriate conversations, and all posts relating to undrafted players or mistake picks of already-drafted players.

I don't have the exact number of deleted posts, but I think we'd be at draft thread #14 if not for all of this.

That's why it's deleted. Because you had come in and made your pick and took your penalty like a man, or so I thought, so the fact that you had been skipped was no longer relevant.

No conspiracy here, sorry.

Yes, that's right. I just cleared all evidence that he ever mis-picked.

"somehow"? Are you trying to bait me? LOL... Look who you were up against and how many players from that team are drafted. Tikhonov, Drury, Labine, Kozlov, Gardner, Jirik, Boudrias, Arnott, Regehr, Redden, Arbour, Edwards, and definitely at least three more to come.
You clearly had the better team, but I think I should've been higher in the regular season standings, which would have given me a different first round matchup.

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