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04-01-2011, 03:32 PM
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Originally Posted by arrbez View Post
Well, it happened in 2007 and wasn't the 7th MLD...but I guess so. It happened after ATD 7, if that's what you mean.
yeah, that's what I mean. ATD8 also happened in 2007 but I don't think the MLD did.

So yeah, if I'm thinking of the same draft, pitseleh shoulda pwned you all. Maybe your team was ranked unfairly (it would be interesting to re-run some drafts knowing what we know now, Hooley Smith was in MLD4, and Eddie Gerard in MLDs 5 & 6, LOL) but I can't see anyone coming even close to pit's team - that somehow lost in round 1.

Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
My last MLD team has 10 guys drafted. 8 of them by others - Dennis Hextall, Eddie wiseman, dubbie Kerr, jay pandolfo, Ron sutter, normand rochefort, coach Rudy pilous, and miika kiprusoff. Most importantly, kipper was one of the top backups picked this time, as he should be.

I brought Todd bertuzzi and assistant coach Larry Robinson up to the main team.
Yeah, I still count those two because if you didn't take 'em, someone would have. I should mention that of my dozen selected, three were taken by me - Redden, Boudrias & Gardner, and I count those too, unofficially.

- Redden was better than Reinhart and some others taken in the 400s/500s, that should be clear
- Gardner, I never got any feedback on, but Billy Reay was selected right after and I considered Reay strongly and Gardner won the head to head comparison
- Boudrias was called a "good pick" by someone else already. The fact that he's multi-positional, good at a few things, and was well-pimped last draft meant he was definitely getting drafted one way or another.

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