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Originally Posted by deriik2020 View Post
LOL you WERE that poster hahaha. Look i could care less...except maybe to laugh...but you literally challenged someone to a street fight and now you're complaining that other people on the boards were the problem when it was clearly you right in the middle of it. It';s not even about negative vs positive.

Everyone is pissed off, this is a horrific loss, it absolutely sucks. It's a case of trolling and overreaction and in some cases damn near being a fair weather fan vs those of us who actually care about hockey and love our team more than we do the stanley cup. There's no point of someone showing up, when all of us are saying "This sucks what a garbage performance" for some jerk to show up going "Oh where's all the positive people? Hur hur hur!" It's just moronic, it was trolling and of COURSE it wasn't removed and it triggered a huge brawl that you showed up in the middle of and literally tried to turn into a irl street fight.

Everyone SHOULD be pissed at this team but people have a right to believe in the team and hope it does well without getting harassed after every loss.

And you know what the opposite holds true there are plenty of times people will remember an overreaction like "Hank sucks" and when he goes on a tear like recently those people will similarly say "Where's the Hank Sucks now?" In both cases it's crappy though I'd have to say the "Hank sucks" type of posts are really stupid and it's a lot easier for me to side with the people who question that type of post than it is for me to side with people who troll during a horrible loss like this. It's a LOT easier to start crap when people are already pissed b/c of a horrible loss. And the prevalence of negative trolls is greater than positive trolls simply b/.c when stuff is going good people could care less about the moody members of this board.

That was one of the funniest GTD's ever though. I think the Pitt one was pretty good too. Anaheim. I personally think the best are when the team is horrific and still ekes out a win b/c it's complete bipolarness.
For the 100th time, do you even read my posts? I never challenged anyone to a fight, I said someone needs to stop being an internet tough guy and that such nonsense would never be said to my face. I even said that if this team should make the playoffs I would buy him a ticket cause thats how strongly i feel things are not going to turn around. I have followed this team for a long time for the good and the bad, the last few games reek of the bad and people are entitled to their own opinions. I have mine and if you don't like it feel free to just ignore me. If you did read my posts you would notice i discuss HOCKEY and how Torts and this team fails to make any in game adjustments. We had the same problems yesterday as we did when we beat the Isles a few weeks ago. 3 men forechecking and we miss the net, do stupid drop passes and get caught for 3 on 2's or 2 on 1's against a much faster and offensive minded team. Does this team even work on the PP? Certainly doesn't look like and they were missing their best PKer and we still couldn't do anything. The personnel choices are the worst we have seen since Ron Low.

The best way to describe this team is terribly inconsistent from top to bottom. I have never suggested trading hank as without him we are a very very very weak team, however when he is cold, he looks lost at times and gives up softies like they are going out of style. When he is hot he is a beast, and that is the nature of the game. Without Hank we are not a very good team at all, but he is not the real problem. Finding a coach who can motivate these guys nightly and make in game adjustments would be nice. I don't care if we hire an assistant coach to do that, but something is obviously not working.

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