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Originally Posted by D3nZ View Post
So, Pavano is throwing for the Twins, the team who was apparently going to be diluted with the Expos. Now they have a brand new stadium to play in and we have to root for the Jays now. I only went to one baseball game in my life at the Big O, but I remember acting sick one year for me not to miss the Opening game of the season when I was a kid, ended up being the game when the umpire died on the field.
Yup. A new stadium and an owner willing to put money into the team would have done wonders. Just look at the difference between the Tampa Bay Lightning old owners and the new one. HUGE.

After Bronfman sold the team, Brochu and co. would keep the payroll at minimum to make profit, wanted the govt to fund 100% of a new stadium and would not sign any FA. 1994 was the year the scouting staff made their marks and it was shattered.

No Expos owner after Bronfman wanted to spend money on the team. He sold them in 1989. So for the last 15 years they had nothing. BAH

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