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04-01-2011, 07:47 PM
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Thanks Buddy. I did get "pay as you play" it was the biggest reason I decided to not take the half season 28 dollar seats when I was on the phone and hoped my guy would call me back with 20 buck full seasons which he did. THe offer for playoff tickets on the half seasons was pretty good despite not being PAYP but it probably wouldn't have been a notable difference from ticketmaster themselves. I think I would have had to buy all 8 potential first and second round games immediately, and then do the same for conference finals and cup finals. So despite the wait I am happy to be doing PAYP just not knowing my seat location or price until so close to the games is a little annoying.

The Kings are easily my favorite Western team so I really would feel bad being committed to teams in other cities but missing the boat on them so I couldnt be more thrilled with the pair I have for next year. I didnt spend any time out West this winter for the first time since before I was 21 (took a week vaca from my job here to stay active at two part time jobs in NV in October) and need to do the same at some point before next season starts so Id love to come out for a later playoff round as it will keep me from using my lower bowl Bruins pair thats going to be 400 face if theyre still playing or going to the Celtics games and drinking and not having the money to put towards for next years bill. Me not knowing how much they will charge me if the Kings are in the WCF or SCF is kinda annoying considering I purchased a full season.

So far my rep seems like a great guy and the Kings organization is doing right by me as a ST holder and I'm thrilled I was able to get a pair to a top 5 NHL franchise just Ill be annoyed if I get none of the savings a renewer would get (so if my WCF price is 120 bucks but the guy next to me whos had them a year longer is paying 70 it will bother me especially if I dont find out what the price is before the playoff starts and the Kings wait to see if theyre still playing hockey after the second round.) If these worries turn out to be unfounded I will be posting on here immediately and praising the organization.

I also want the team to go back to the early 90s Gretzky uniforms with the Chevy logo and ditch purple desperately. I love and rock that gear real hard and would buy up the entire pro shop and a t-shirt for every player if they do this. Kings are such a great NHL franchise I want their marketablilty to be peaking next year when the Staples Center is quiet with no Lakers and Clippers. No male non Kings fan is going to wear purple in public (I actually like Purple and think the jerseys the Kings wear now and have last few years make great thirds just they are atrocious when compared to the best hockey jerseys of all time and purple is not most peoples favorite color.)

Kings took care of me. Credit to the organization for putting the fans first. I don't blame the Kings for waiting to make sure the previous broker owners who had the entire last row of Staples waited to drop the seats instead of putting me elsewhere.

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