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04-01-2011, 09:41 PM
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I can't speak for 19,000 people, but I can speak for myself. I hear the quiet. I'm quiet. I don't know why everyone else is, but I know why I am. I'm sick of the team. The Flyers aren't a franchise where just making the playoffs is good fun, it's not. They SHOULD be there, every year, it's just the attitude this organization has created. As a fan of nearly 20 years, I've seen them get to the Cup Final two times and lose and enough is enough. To me, this team, right now, is put the **** up, or shut the **** up. Fans don't PAY for tickets to inspire millionaire athletes, they pay to be entertained and be given a reason to cheer. You shouldn't need me or 19,000 other people to chant "Let's go Flyers" to get your sorry ***** to skate, but when you start showing heart and look like you actually give a ****, then I will make some noise. Something tells me everyone else will. But wait until game 1 of the playoffs, the crowd will be like night and day because that's when the real fun begins. The regular season is the long car ride to the dance, the playoffs are when you bust a move.

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