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04-02-2011, 04:57 AM
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There are 41 regular season home games. The real fans don't have the money to make it to all of them, so they hit a couple key games and then wait for the playoffs. The playoffs bring a much higher concentration of fans who care, plus the games mean more = more noise.

How many diehard Flyers fans would pick out Atlanta as a game they were gonna go to?

And once the season got underway, NJ didn't look like that hot of a choice either.

I'm 26, back in school and working at a restaurant to pay the bills. I forked over a pretty penny for seats on the glass vs. the Rangers earlier this year, and then hit two other games. Haven't been to any games in 2011 because I'm saving my dough for the playoffs.

EDIT: Correction, I did go to the Phoenix game a couple months ago.

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